The Drupal Cumulus Module

I simply love Drupal's CMS. I love it so much that I use it for all the sites I design and maintain. It allows a person like me with a programming background and understanding of coding languages to put together a website relatively easy with little to no actual coding required. Granted, there is a huge learning curve, but that's simply because it is ridiculously powerful and can basically do anything.

But I love finding new modules to play around with. The one I just installed is called Cumulus, you can see it on the left side of this screen with a title of Popular Content. Basically it tags the vocabulary I created which I tag all my content on my site with keywords and then drupal calculates how many times these keywords appear and then Cumulus takes it and represents it visually in a 3d rotating space. Really cool if you ask me.

If your into creating things and tinkering around, and wouldn't mind throwing together a website, I definitely recommend diving into drupal and start with a basic site, and you will soon get consumed and just keep adding and adding onto your site. It's fun playing around and seeing what you can create!




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