International American Business Person...You need a Hyatt Passport Creditcard in your wallet!

If you are an American living aboard and you keep a US credit card in your wallet than you will want to sign yourself up for a Hyatt Visa card through Chase.

Why you ask?!?!

Well because other US banks tend to rob you on their exchange rates. Most banks across the board are now charging a 3% exchange rate on your overseas purchases. Most banks in Japan for example only charge 1% on top of the market rate to exchange foreign currency to Japanese Yen.

The Hyatt Visa offers NO foreign transaction fees. When I spoke to the rep, they confirmed that my charges do not incur transaction fees. So the way I interpret this, is that my charges get charged at the current foreign currency exchange rate. So if the market rate is 100 yen to a dollar, then my purchase of 1000 yen will show up on my credit card as a 10 dollar purchase.

You can't beat that! Also, Hyatt gives you one point per dollar spent to use to redeem for free nights at their hotels worldwide. So what are you waiting for?!?! Head over to to sign up for their rewards program and get their visa card. Also, after your first purchase, they give you a free 2 nights stay in any of their hotels worldwide. Do I need to sell this any further? Oh you probably already left my site. Enjoy!



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