Dining at the Burj al Arab

During my recent trip to Dubai, I stumbled upon this great article on dining at the Burj al Arab. If you are planning a trip out to Dubai, I recommend reading this article. I wish I had read it prior to my trip, as I would have loved to experience the high tea at this beautiful hotel. Make sure not to miss it on your next trip!

Looking to Buy a Funny Gag Gift?

Are you looking to buy something funny as a gag for your friends birthday party or celebration. Check out this site, they have a wide selection of items to suit everyone's needs.

Drupal Pop up Confirmation on Node Edit/Add Page

Use this module to help protect users from repeat work and losing time by warning them before they leave the node/edit page by accident. The Node Edit Protection module basically adds some simple javascript to alert the user that they are leaving a node edit or add page without hitting the submit button.

The common case for this is if the user accidentally hits the back button on their browser or accidentally closes the browser tab. If the user is currently adding or editing a node it will pop up a message informing the user that they are navigating away from the page and that any unsaved work will be lost.  Read more »

Locked Phones and Mobile Providers in Japan

One thing I strongly recommend everyone to do when deciding on a new phone and mobile provider is to read the fine print. You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for a phone that can end up being a paperweight in the future. Today, we are going to be talking about a company called Softbank. Read more »

Smart Phone Pictures Pose Privacy Risk - Let's Clarify Things!

WARNING! People can stalk your children and family by looking at your online photos. If you saw the video below, that has been circulating around the web, then you may think the above statements are true. Well, there is some truth to it, but most of it is inaccurate and just down right ridiculous. 

I love watching TV news. It updates me on current events, but more importantly, it gives me a good laugh. I'm amazed by how inaccurate things are reported by TV news companies. I often find myself laughing more while watching prime time news, than I do, when watching an episode of Modern Family, simply because of how ridiculously bad it is. 

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