Tips and Tricks for Buying a Used MacBook

I have been in the market for a used 15 MacBook Pro Retina and during my research I came across this great write up. Well done CNET, very well written and detailed!

You can apply a lot of this to any used laptop. If you are currently in the market for a used MacBook laptop, check out this detailed checklist guide:

Cloudon Ipad App - Microsoft Office on your Ipad AND for FREE!

I just stumbled upon an awesome free ipad app called Cloudon. It's basically an app that allows you to use Cloudon's virtually served Office client and it's all free! The only catch is you need a internet connection.

Check out this awesome article here:


How to Replace a Mac Book Pro Hard Drive (MBP)


This tutorial shows you step by step how to open up the Mac Book Pro's casing and gain access to the system board, hard drive, DVD rom drive, and system memory. I show you step by step as well as how to put it all back together. I mention a few tips throughout the video so I hope you all enjoy!

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My New Iphone! How did I live without it!

So let's talk about this new device called "iPhone". I probably should have gotten one a long time ago, seeing that I have always been a fan of the iPod since my days of working as a product specialist for Apple Computer. Actually, I have my classic 3rd generation ipod sitting right next to me. For those that don't remember what the 3rd gen looks like, it's the one with the red LED buttons. I have actually been using it quite frequently up until this weekend.
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