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Recently,,, and other major search engines have started removing certain websites they deem inappropriate from their search results...essentially filtering the web according to what they feel you should or shouldn't be looking at. I have a problem with this, seeing that most people assume these search engines are indexing the web and what they are displaying is a representation of what is on the web, hence if you don't find it there, you think it probably does not exist. Read more »

Lesson Learned - Google is not Always Right

Last week I learned a new lesson in life...Google is NOT always right. If I had let that thought enter my head, I would have saved myself a few hours. So what happened? Well, I was just playing around on one of my hobby sites, doing some updates and upon completing the updates, I noticed all my html tables where breaking the layout of my site. Uh-oh! What did I do? After several hours of trying to roll back updates, examine code, etc, I realized it wasn't anything I did at all! Google's Chrome update was the one to blame. Read more »

Windows 10 - How to Set Google Chrome as your Default Browser

For those of you who have upgraded to Windows 10, you may want to know how to set Google Chrome as your default browser. As Cortana starts to become your go to application, it will no doubt start to open many things up in the default browser. That default browser is Microsoft's new web browser called Microsoft Edge.

Now Microsoft Edge is a pretty cool browser and much improved from the previous versions of Internet Explorer, but if you are like me, you have come to love Google Chrome's slick and simple interface and how Google integrates everything across your various devices with your Google account. So for now, we probably want to stick with using our favorite browser, Chrome.

Google Maps is a Growing User Review and Business Directory Service

Yelp and Tripadvisor are probably getting a bit worried with Google pushing their map service more and more. Google Maps already has pretty much, every known business on the planet listed. Try it out, search the name of an establishment and the address or city it's in, and I'm guessing 99 times out of a 100, that place will come up in the results. What you may have started to notice is that users are reviewing these places right through Google Maps. I have been using Google's star/save feature for sometime now. This feature was once limited to only the web browser version of Google Maps, but Google has recently rolled it out to their mobile app platform as well. SWEET! Read more »

Google Chrome Omnibar & Web Browser Review


This tutorial goes over how to use Google Chrome's Omnibar. Enjoy!

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How to Sync Multiple Google Calendars with your iPhone calendar

Well hopefully you are using Google's calendar system to manage your everyday tasks, appointments, birthdays, and special days. If not, you really need to get on the bandwagon. Google Calendar is hands down the BEST calendar software out there and it's free. It's everything you need in a calendar system, fast, super efficient at adding/removing and changing dates. Easily add others, setup reminders, recurring events, etc. It even has an appointment section now that you can set windows of time to be able for appointment and then give that link out to people to set appointments with you. Cool right?!?! Read more »

My top 3 search websites: google, twitter, and wolframalpha

We all love google for all the amazing things they have brought to us, and for the most part for no out of pocket expense to us. But there are some other companies entering the search scene. Of course they will not be replacing google, not even close, but they will be offering something unique that google does not. As to whether or not google will just release a sub search page that does the same thing, it's too early to tell.

But let's go over the search engine companies I am referring to. The type of search engine that I have wanted for some time now, is finally becoming reality. It's Google can give us hundreds of webpages that are along the right track of what we are looking for, however whether or not those sources can be trusted or not is another thing. attempts to index sites that can be thought of as trusted sources. So let's say you're looking for historical facts or statistical data on something, we usually go to wikipedia if we want something we can somewhat fully trust. Now we have another option, hop on over to, put in your search terms, and see what results you get. This would be great for searching for information for a research report or for educational purposes. Two thumbs up to the crew at wolframalpha.
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