A Sample Career Path for an IT Person

I was once asked by one of my former employees what the typical career path for an IT person is, and my explanation went something like this. Depending on the size of the organization as well as the size of the IT department within that organization, the career path varies substantially. If the IT person lacks the skills needed to make business and strategic decisions, his/her path usually ends at the Sr. Engineer/Team leader or IT manager role.

My Hobbies

I'm a very social person who enjoys being amongst friends and family. I enjoy the beaches and the mountains. I spend my summers at the beach either fishing, surfing, scuba diving, spear fishing, going to movies with friends, and going out to dance at the clubs or having a drink at the bar. During the winter I spend my time either snowboarding or just trying to keep warm at home. I do this all, while managing my web sites, side business, clientele, and employer. I also enjoy staying indoors, studying Japanese, watching movies and playing my guitar. My year-round hobby is traveling, both internally and domestic. I have traveled to over 21 countries; most of Western Europe and South East Asia, and a handful of countries in East Asia, the Middle East, and South America. I am always thinking and planning where I will travel to next to experience different cultures and people. Read more »

IT Projects and Consulting


A list of the IT projects that I served as the main project manager Read more »

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