Drupal Pop up Confirmation on Node Edit/Add Page

Use this module to help protect users from repeat work and losing time by warning them before they leave the node/edit page by accident. The Node Edit Protection module basically adds some simple javascript to alert the user that they are leaving a node edit or add page without hitting the submit button.

The common case for this is if the user accidentally hits the back button on their browser or accidentally closes the browser tab. If the user is currently adding or editing a node it will pop up a message informing the user that they are navigating away from the page and that any unsaved work will be lost.  Read more »

Drupal - How to apply Module Patches

Are you a Drupal programmer or someone just starting out with Drupal? You may have come across modules that have issues with their code and you will see the maintainers or someone post up a "patch" for the problem you are experiencing. But how does one apply these Drupal patches?

Even someone that has been playing around with Drupal for some time, may not know how to do this. I came across this guy on Youtube and he makes awesome video tutorials. It's such a treat when you come across tutorials like this. Youtube has no shortage of videos, but videos with value, well that's another story. Enjoy!

Drupal Web Design Series - Episode 10 - How to Install Custom Drupal Module


Drupal Web Design Series - Episode 10 - How to Install Custom Drupal Module

This is episode 10 in our Drupal Web Design Series. By now, you will have successfully enabled some of the default Drupal modules. You are probably amazed by how powerful they can be...and how easy they are to install! So know you probably want to install more modules to add more functionality to your site. In this tutorial, we will go over how to download modules from and install them on your website. Enjoy!

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The Drupal Cumulus Module

I simply love Drupal's CMS. I love it so much that I use it for all the sites I design and maintain. It allows a person like me with a programming background and understanding of coding languages to put together a website relatively easy with little to no actual coding required. Granted, there is a huge learning curve, but that's simply because it is ridiculously powerful and can basically do anything.
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