Computer Wakes from Sleep by Itself (randomly) - How to Fix

I have recently come across a new issue where my computer wakes from sleep mode on its own. Basically, I will put the computer to sleep around 10pm and when checking in the morning, the computer is already powered on.

I researched this issue online but could not come across anything that was all to helpful. After looking around the Window's log files amongst other things, I finally found the culprit being the Windows Media Center scheduled task item mcupdate_scheduled. You can see this task by launching the task scheduler and navigating to Microsoft -> Windows -> Media Center -> mcupdate_scheduled

How To Keep your Photo Library In-Sync Across Multiple Computers with Picasa

Managing photos is a big challenge for all of us these days. In 2014, most of us have a point and shoot camera, a smart phone capable of taking high quality photos and even a DSLR. With all these devices, we are constantly capturing photos. When it's only you that is capturing the photos and saving them it's easy, just store the photos on your computer and access them with Picasa. BUT, what happens when you start a family and it's two people now, and then add a child or two. Now you have multiple people capturing photos and you probably want to make sure you are saving these precious moments and they are being backed up. Read more »

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