The Best Video Editing Computer

With the latest intel i5 and i7 chips, you can now get an affordable home PC that can do some serious video rendering.

Check out this great article on for a detailed write up on what makes a great video rendering machine.

Also, if you are looking for portable video rendering machines this is a great write-up on the current laptops on the market as of late 2013.

Video qualities and their dimensions explained

A lot of people ask me what is the difference between 720p, 1080i, and 1080p, etc. With the recent boom of the buzz word High Definition or more often used acronym, HD, I thought I would quickly write up a quick explanation of the differences.

When speaking of video qualities people tend to use the term DVD or HD video. The more technically savvy people will throw in terms like 720p, 1080i, and even 1080/30p. What do these mean?

They are basically just easier ways of telling you the dimensions (which equates to quality) of the video. Here is a table I quickly threw together to make it easier to understand:

How to Flip/Rotate iPhone Videos


This video tutorial shows you how to rotate videos that are recorded upside down by your iphone. It also shows you how to properly record videos to prevent being stuck with videos that are upside down.

See video

What format should I convert .ts/.mkv files to?

Recently I have found .ts and .mkv files popping up more and more. I understand the .mkv file format is this open source blah blah container, but it just doesn't play well in most of the media players and also results in very large video files. I can convert them in the mpeg4 file format and reduce the filesize by half and be left a quality that has no noticeble change in audio/video quality. I'm not a fan of either, mostly because it gives my xbox 360 media center problems when trying to stream them from my PC that I use as my media center. Read more »


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