Import/Export Business

Do you need help bringing your product to Japan?

Are you in need of a supplier of Japanese goods or looking for a distributor in Japan?

Want to buy a unique product only available from Japan but having trouble locating it or finding a reliable provider?

Do you need advice or want a consultation on how to bring your company to Japan?

Is Japan the right market for my product or service?


If these are the types of questions you're asking yourself, then I can help. I have a vast network throughout Japan and the Asia region and have spent the last 7 years traveling throughout the region and the past 5 years living in Eastern and Western Japan.

I have worked with several multinational companies, can be viewed here.

I can help you answer the above questions. If interested, please contact me using my contact form, and we can setup a face-to-face or phone meeting.

I have helped to successfully bring a variety of products to Japan as well as connect buyers from Japan and the US. I look forward to hearing from you.