My Wife's New Food Blog

If you know me, then you know I love my wife's cooking! I have been creating websites using the Drupal CMS for some time now, and I thought it would be a fun project to try creating a website using Wordpress. So with no plans for the weekend, I decided to challenge myself by creating a brand new site for my wife using Wordpress and my Google research skills. The end result... Japanese food blog for my wife to post photos of all her amazing dishes. I hope she will get some time to share her recipes with the world. Read more »

Free Education for ALL - Part 2

If you're like me, then you love learning and keeping yourself challenged. I love what Khan is doing! Such a great way to give back to mankind. He is on an ambitious mission. FREE education to ALL. I was actually asked a while ago to create a video testimonial for the Khan Academy site, but I simply have not found time to get around to it. So I will do what I can by blasting and getting the word out about this amazing group of people. Read more »

Tips and Checks for Buying a Used MacBook

I have been in the market for a used 15 MacBook Pro Retina and during my research I came across this great write up. Well done CNET, very well written and detailed!

You can apply a lot of this to any used laptop. If you are currently in the market for a used MacBook laptop, check out this detailed checklist guide:

How to Root Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

I finally got around to hacking my Galaxy S2. The galaxy S2 is a fantastic phone and can be picked up very cheap. I got myself an unlocked S2 a few years ago. I use it when I go vacation and want to pick up a local sim card to stay connected without paying ridiculously high roaming rates that providers like to charge. Well worth the purchase of the phone! Read more » - An HTML, CSS, and Javascript web editor

I thought I would share this really cool (and free) online tool that can be used to test out your HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The website is

Create out other people's sample work or test your own by creating a new "pen". You can instantly check preview your code in action in realtime in a beautiful and elegant online tool. Check out Codepen now!

The User Profile Service failed the logon error message and how to fix it

I guess computers love to keep me busy and challenged. Ran into this problem the other day on one of my computers. Upon logging in, she was presented with a black desktop and the error message: "The User Profile Service failed the logon”. Read more »

The Billion Dollar Startups

Do you know who the 36 most valuable startups on the planet are? Stay in the know by checking the billion dollar startups list. The Wall Street Journal keeps this list up to date as companies fall off and join the list. Check out the list here:

iShutdown, WOL (Wake on Lan), DD-WRT, and computer automatically waking up from Sleep mode

So I ran into some trouble with putting my computer to sleep successfully using a cool little app I use on my iphone called iShutdown. I had a hell of a time trying to figure out the solution (searched high and low on Google), so of course, I have decided to blog it here to share my solution with the world. Read more »

How To Keep your Photo Library In-Sync Across Multiple Computers with Picasa

Managing photos is a big challenge for all of us these days. In 2014, most of us have a point and shoot camera, a smart phone capable of taking high quality photos and even a DSLR. With all these devices, we are constantly capturing photos. When it's only you that is capturing the photos and saving them it's easy, just store the photos on your computer and access them with Picasa. BUT, what happens when you start a family and it's two people now, and then add a child or two. Now you have multiple people capturing photos and you probably want to make sure you are saving these precious moments and they are being backed up. Read more »

How to Create a Dual Boot Ubuntu (Linux) and Windows 7 Machine

It's always useful to have a dual boot machine in case you want to do some testing or run different applications that don't run on your primary operating system. I tend to mess around with some web development in my free time, and I like using Ubuntu just for this. Ubuntu is a great desktop and server operating system. I tend to install the desktop version and then install a LAMP stack on top of it for my web testing.

Of course you could simply use VMware and run Ubuntu as a virtual machine on top of your Windows install, but by installing it as a dual boot system, it will run natively, which means I should see better performance out of it as compared to running it as a virtual machine.

So let's get started with the tutorial.

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