WOL - Wake on Lan video tutorial has been uploaded to Youtube

If you have read my previous tutorial on WOL, be sure to check out my video tutorial which is now up on youtube!


New Favorite Quote

My new favorite quote, and I live and breathe by it. "CEOs should care about details. Even shades of yellow. On a Sunday" - Vic Gundotra

If you read the post below it will make a lot more sense...

Vic Gundotra originally shared this post: Read more »

Facebook Share/Like - How to Control what Data is Shared from your Site.

For web admins and designers, it's important to control what data Facebook pulls from your site when users share your URL through their wall posts, status updates, and like/share buttons. If you check Facebook's developer pages it explains this quite clearly. You will need to specify metatags to tell Facebook what data to grab. Below are the tags they recommend setting in your header so that the proper data is passed to Facebook. Read more »

15 Unique Ways to use Dropbox

If you haven't heard of Dropbox by now, you must be living in a cave. It's a free cloud storage service. They give you 2GB of free online storage space to start with, if you refer people you get additional storage space added to your account. Here is how it works:

How to Create an Interactive Batch Program

Files on windows with the file extension ".bat" are called batch files. These are usually small files with some lines of Windows batch code that can help automate things for users. They are commonly used to do the following: Read more »

iShutdown Iphone App

iShutdown is a great app for a small price. I searched the app store for a free solution but came up with nothing. I have emailed the owner of this app a few times and he is actively working on this app and working out the kinks. Having said that, there is not many. He recently released the beta version of his server software which now can be run as a Windows service. I had been using his old application and had set it up to automatically run when windows loaded via the Windows task scheduler. However, now with the new beta version I can just run it natively as a Windows service.

How to Start a Windows Application when your Computer Starts

I'm going to show you how to make a Windows program start automatically when you turn on your PC (without requiring you to logon to your account). Typically software that is meant to run unattended will have an option to run as a Windows service. This enables the application to start once Windows finishes loading BUT prior to someone logging in. Read more »

iheartradio.com - A cool website and iphone app

If you haven't heard of iheartradio by now, I want to make sure you have! This is a really cool iphone app, it's free, AND it works anywhere in the world. A lot of radio programs block use outside of the US, so for people like us living and working aboard, we are a bit out of luck...well, not with this app. Read more »

Does Windows Have Symlinks? YES!

So I was trying to do something the other day with my ServeToMe server. I wanted to add certain folders to the media server that were on different drives. For personal reasons, I wanted to add the folders I wanted to share under the existing folders I was currently sharing, so I thought I would create shortcut files to those folders and drop them inside the folders I was already sharing. I quickly found out that this didn't work.

Hmmm, so I was thinking and thought if Windows has something like Linux symlinks, then it would have to work. I did a quick search on how to create symlinks on windows and sure enough I found it, the command is mklink. So I gave it a try and it worked perfectly. The media server software on my iphone was able to open up the folder just as if it were a regular folder that existed under the root folder that was shared.

This works on Windows 7, not sure about anything older than that. The command is

mklink /D C:\symlink-file-you-want-to-create C:\the-folder-you-want-to-link

So to create a symlink from inside my media folder to my storage drive folder I would do this:

mklink /D "C:\Media Folder\MusicArt" C:\storagedrive\musicart

Understanding Port Forwarding

What is Port Forwarding?

Port fowarding is telling your router what ports to open to the outside world (connections outside of your local network) and where to direct traffic that hits those ports.

Some software requires certain ports to be open on your router so that they can function properly. Some Peer-2-Peer software requires ports to be open for communication to occur between online servers, etc. If you plan to stream media from your home PC to your iphone or mobile device, odds are you will need to open a port for that communication to happen.

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