Create your own Cloud - How to Access your Multimedia Collection from Anywhere in the World

Recently I have been moving my media collection into the 21st century. What does that mean? Well, I'll tell you what it means to me. It means I should be able to easily access my ENTIRE collection from anywhere in the world and with ease. This article will teach you how to basically create your own cloud. Many companies are offering cloud services nowadays so that you can access your information from anywhere. Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft's Skydrive are all examples of cloud services. They offer secure storage and assurance that your data will be safe from disk failures. If you keep all your data on your home PC and your drive crashes you could lose all that valuable data. Well that's one plus for cloud services, HOWEVER, do you know, that Google and these other companies have access to your files and with some of these providers, whatever you upload becomes their property. Read more »

WOL - WAKE ON LAN Explained

Would you like to turn on your PC remotely?
Perhaps from a different room in your house? Perhaps from your backyard? PERHAPS from a beach in the bahamas?

I hope to help people understand what Wake on Lan (WOL) is and how to use it. If you have an Xbox 360 and have ever turned it on and loaded media center with your PC turned off, you might notice your PC will automatically turn on. How does this happen? Well, when your xbox doesn't get a response from your PC, it will send a "magic packet" to your PC. This magic packet will turn on your PC as long as your PC has the WOL feature enabled. Most modern PCs and Macs support WOL and have it enabled by default.

How to embed subtitles into your videos

If you have movies with subtitle files (.srt or .idx/.sub) you know that you are unable to watch them through your XBOX 360 media center and other players that do not support subtitles. It's a shame that the XBOX can't handle these separate files and display your video with them.

There is a work around. You can install PS3 Media Server (initially it was developed for the PS3, however it has grown and now supports the XBOX 360) and serve your files with the subtitles and watch your movies with subtitles on your XBOX. I don't like this method for a few reasons,
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What format should I convert .ts/.mkv files to?

Recently I have found .ts and .mkv files popping up more and more. I understand the .mkv file format is this open source blah blah container, but it just doesn't play well in most of the media players and also results in very large video files. I can convert them in the mpeg4 file format and reduce the filesize by half and be left a quality that has no noticeble change in audio/video quality. I'm not a fan of either, mostly because it gives my xbox 360 media center problems when trying to stream them from my PC that I use as my media center. Read more »


Problem connecting to Windows Machine with Mac Remote Desktop Utility - SOLVED

I had an issue come up yesterday where I couldn't connect to my windows machine through the remote desktop utility for Mac. Everytime I tried to connect it would attempt to connect for about 20 seconds and then come back with an error message.

The error message said something like this: TSC_IDS_SECAUTH_AUTH_ERROR_INFOR

Not all too helpful. I rebooted my mac, this didn't help. Then I rebooted the PC, also didn't help. Searched online and found ABSOLUTELY no google result with just the above string of text. So after I found the solution, I thought I would post this to help anyone else that might come across this issue.


The solution was to go into Control Panel -> System -> Remote Settings. Then disable remote connection settings. After I disabled remote connection I attempted to connect from my Mac and I got a different message this time. Good deal! This means it was definitely an issue on the PC side. Then I re-enabled the remote connection settings for any version of Remote Desktop. Then attempted to connect again from my Mac, and viola! I was in. Something must have just gotten screwed up in the configuration. Disabling and re-enabling did the trick. 

Hope this helps!

Backup your Gmail Email Account - How To

I am a big advocate of Google and all their awesome FREE services, however with something as important as email you don't want to be at the mercy of Google. If you don't have a backup of your gmail account you will have nobody to blame but yourself.

Also, I think with the launch of Google +, doing regular backups of your gmail account is even more important than ever. Google is entering the social network sphere and all of us with Google accounts are part of that social network. Now where you can get into trouble, is if Google suspends your account because of misuse. There have been some people that have had their accounts suspended due to violations of the user terms. Most of these people were probably spammers, but you never know, something you might do will have Google's robots turning the suspension switch on for your account. Imagine losing all of your data you have amassed over the years. So here are a few ways to backup your data.

Windows Media Center Has Stopped Working - SOLUTION!


I thought I would share the solution to this problem with my readers. I struggled with the "Windows Media Center Has Stopped Working" problem for months before finally dedicating a good few hours researching for the solution. Nothing I found on the web worked, even after hours of searching through Google. And then I while just doing some testing I found the solution to my problem. Read more »

Japanese Laws Translated

Japan is making attempts to move into the 21st century. The ministry of Justice now maintains a website of all the Japanese laws translated into English. A great site to know about.

Japan and the current (7.2011) nuclear crisis.

Since it appears the Japanese media has stopped reporting information surrounding the ongoing nuclear crisis in Fukushima to its Japanese citizens, I have decided to write up this quick guide to help others trying to understand what the current situation is and what it all means. 

The Japanese government is doing nothing except making sure all and any information surrounding the nuclear crisis and its effects are kept secret from the Japanese people. Many Japanese know that they cannot trust their government to be honest and forthcoming with information, so why should any non Japanese living in Japan?

After a few hours of reasearch I have put together this comprehensive guide to help others to understand the current situation and its effects.


Understanding the different terms and how radiation is expressed. Read more »

Stop Bots, Spammers, and Improve Load-times for Your Users with CloudFlare

My web hosting company partnered up with CloudFlare making it really easy to implement on my servers. I decided to give it a try on a few of my websites and then I will implement it on my bigger sites that get more traffic. 

I found this online review of the product and it looks very promising! CloudFlare requires you to make DNS changes so that traffic can go through their servers spread across the world and help to filter your traffic. In theory it will filter all the bad traffic and let only the good traffic through.

Also the thing I like about it is it caches your images and css in its servers around the world, which will give your users faster load times and a better overall surfing experience. For me, this is an awesome improvement. Since most of my sites are just basic ones that don't generate any kind of revenue, I invest the minimal amount of money to host them, which means I am on a shared server located out of some place in the middle of the US. But with CloudFlare it should give the user an experience as if they were on a Google or site that is dispersed around the world with multiple servers serving up images and files from servers closest to them. So this is the main reason I am giving this service a try, plus it's......FREE!
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