How to Create an Interactive Batch Program

Files on windows with the file extension ".bat" are called batch files. These are usually small files with some lines of Windows batch code that can help automate things for users. They are commonly used to do the following:

Does Windows Have Symlinks? YES!

So I was trying to do something the other day with my ServeToMe server. I wanted to add certain folders to the media server that were on different drives. For personal reasons, I wanted to add the folders I wanted to share under the existing folders I was currently sharing, so I thought I would create shortcut files to those folders and drop them inside the folders I was already sharing. I quickly found out that this didn't work.

How to Start a Windows Application when your Computer Starts

I'm going to show you how to make a Windows program start automatically when you turn on your PC (without requiring you to logon to your account). Typically software that is meant to run unattended will have an option to run as a Windows service. This enables the application to start once Windows finishes loading BUT prior to someone logging in.


Facebook Share/Like - How to Control what Data is Shared from your Site

For web admins and designers, it's important to control what data Facebook pulls from your site when users share your URL through their wall posts, status updates, and like/share buttons. If you check Facebook's developer pages it explains this quite clearly. You will need to specify metatags to tell Facebook what data to grab. Below are the tags they recommend setting in your header so that the proper data is passed to Facebook.

<meta property="og:title" content="title" />
<meta property="og:description" content="description" />
<meta property="og:image" content="thumbnail_image" />

Never lose anything EVER AGAIN with Bluetooth technology!

The day of losing things in your house is over! Check out this new company Stick-N-Find. They sell little bluetooth stickers not bigger than a US quarter. Stick it to items that seem to go missing easily around your house. When you can't find it, open up this cool iphone app to track down your item using bluetooth technology.

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The Chinese Great Firewall Starts to Crack Down on VPN Connections

Well, I'm not very surprised about this one. For those that have been to China, you probably know that most of the websites you use on a day to day basis in the US are either BLOCKED completely by the Chinese government or blocked occasionally (whenever the Chinese government feels the need). So sites like Youtube, Facebook, Google Docs, Gmail. Pretty much all the sites we love and enjoy are blocked by the Chinese government. Read more »

How to Create a LiveUSB Ubuntu Pendrive that saves your Settings

I recently wrote up a guide on how to create a LiveUSB pendrive using Ubuntu. I wanted to share this alternative way of building the system. The previous tutorial showed how to create a Live system on a USB key that would reset each time you reboot your machine. Well let's say you plan to use this USB Live system more permanently and you would like it to save the settings and changes you make while using the system. So basically the settings and options get saved each time you run the system and upon reboot they are still there. - The Best Online Vitamin, Supplement, and Organic Foods Store!!

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I shared one of my favorite online sites a while back, but I thought I would do a quick write up again. About 3 years ago, a friend of mine in Japan, recommended this online supplement and vitamin store, I have been an extremely happy customer for the past 3 years and I would like to share this website with you! You wont be disappointed!

Drupal Web Design Series - Episode 10 - How to Install Custom Drupal Module


Drupal Web Design Series - Episode 10 - How to Install Custom Drupal Module

This is episode 10 in our Drupal Web Design Series. By now, you will have successfully enabled some of the default Drupal modules. You are probably amazed by how powerful they can be...and how easy they are to install! So know you probably want to install more modules to add more functionality to your site. In this tutorial, we will go over how to download modules from and install them on your website. Enjoy!

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Drupal Web Design Series - Episode 9 - How to Enable Modules


Drupal Web Design Series - Episode 9 - How to Enable Modules

This is episode 9 in our Drupal Web Design Series. In this video we will go over how to enable and use Drupal modules. Modules are probably, hands down, one of the most useful features of Drupal's system. It allows an individual to quickly add advanced functionality to his/her website with writing little to no code at all. All you need to do is upload the module to your web server, enable it in Drupal and you are ready to go. In this tutorial we will show you how to enable some of the default modules that come with Drupal and which ones we think everyone should use.

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