I came across the article linked below, and just had to share. Emotional intelligence is definitely a must-have skill to succeed in business today. Leaders must possess high emotional intelligence (EI) in order to handle the stress and complex situations and challenges in today’s businesses. Unfortunately, EI is not a skill that’s often developed or focused on. So for now, it is something that we need to study and teach ourselves in practice. The first step is simply understanding how important of a skill, it is. If this is the first time hearing of this term, definitely give the article linked below, a read.

Companies also need to do more to coach and develop their people in this area. EI is often discussed in leadership meetings where employee evaluations and 9box exercises are being conducted, however, it’s rare to see companies make the effort to train and develop their people in this area. HR departments and leadership should invest in this, as it only makes their employees stronger. And as the old saying goes, a company is only as strong as its people.

Enjoy the read!