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I shared one of my favorite online sites a while back, but I thought I would do a quick write up again. About 3 years ago, a friend of mine in Japan, recommended this online supplement and vitamin store, I have been an extremely happy customer for the past 3 years and I would like to share this website with you! You wont be disappointed! has thousands and thousands of products ranging from supplements, to vitamins, to health bars, to organic foods and spices, and much more. Not only do they have a great selection but they have prices that cannot be matched by their competitors! I have yet to find a online or brick and mortar store that sells health products cheaper. Their shipping rates are also incredibly low (must have to do with the amount of volume they do). They average about 10-20 US dollars for INTERNATIONAL deliveries.

They deliver internationally to most places in the world and FAST! I am always surprised when I order, because I typically get around a 6 month supply of goods from them and it comes in a large cardboard box within 5-7 days. The shipping is usually anywhere from 10-20 dollars USD! That’s it! From their warehouse in the US all the way to Japan. They also ship to South Korea, China, Australia, the UK, and more.

Having grown up in the US and now working in Japan, I have missed the availability of vitamins and supplements I am used to. solved this problem for me. Not only can I get the grade A vitamins and supplements from the US, but they are also 2-3 times cheaper than what I would pay for them in Japan.

Another thing about this site that I love, and so will you, is their online product comments. I believe that much of their success is due to these comments. There are so many health care products out there to choose from and being able to read the user’s comments, really helps you make your decision. sends out an email after every purchase (around a month after your package is shipped) and asks for your feedback on those products. They make filling out the form so easy that most of us customers complete the feedback form (even those of us who typically do not fill out such surveys). I think their comment sections are invaluable and really make the shopping experience worth while.

I hope you all enjoy using this site as much as I have over the past several years! Oh, by the way, iherb has a rewards program. So whenever you recommend your friends you will get credit for your future purchases. Use the link or code below to get signed up for this rewards program and also take an additional 10$ off your first online purchase! Enjoy!

Use this discount code for first time users: DIR792 and get $10 OFF your first purchase at in addition to enroll in their rewards program!

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