My Self-employed Work History

BeKnown Media Designs

Owner / Consultant
11/2002 – 03/2007

* The DBA “BeKnown Media Designs” based out of California, was closed in November of 2007.

I operated and owned an IT professional services company, providing services in the areas of IT maintenance/support, website design, network design/troubleshooting, server implementation, and IT project management.

I operated under the name of “Beknown Media Designs”, which was a sole proprietorship based out of Fullerton, California. In mid 2005, shortly after graduating college, I moved to Tokyo, Japan. I continued offering professional services to my clients, until I closed the business down in 2007, prior to starting my role at K.K. Nichiai.

Location – Orange County, California & Tokyo, Japan

Web Hosting Company

Co-Founder / System Architect

A college friend and I started a hosting company while attending college. We had a server lying around, from our online auction side business, which we were unable to sell at a profit. Rather than sell the server at a lost, we decided to give web hosting a try. We taught ourselves how to setup a LAMP web hosting server and learned about colocation data centers, etc. We setup a basic website to advertise and sell our web hosting plans.

We marketed our hosting services in local community newspapers and online sales websites, such as eBay. The company did well, and after only 7 months, we ended up selling the business to a competitor for a profit.

This was a great business experience and we learned a lot. We had no long term plans for web hosting, so we decided to sell the business when the opportunity presented itself.

Wireframe Digital Studios

06/1998 – 01/2000

I started designing websites for small to medium sized companies and co-founded WireFrame Digital Studios with my business partner. This company started when both of us were seniors in high school and we turned my business partner’s garage into a 2 room office with two PCs, a shared internet line, and a phone line. That’s all we had, and that’s all we needed.

We loved the excitement of building and designing websites for people and decided to turn it into a business. Our clients consisted of companies in the medical, automotive, real estate, and retail industries. We specialized in creating multimedia-rich interactive websites using Flash, which at the time, was cutting edge and beginning to be widely used amongst media rich websites on the internet. I later, decided to invest my time in other opportunities and left the company, to take a job with Apple. My business partner, later teamed up with another individual that had graduated from California State University, Fullerton with an MBA, and the company became known as Envirium Interactive.