I have created and currently maintain 2 Linkedin.com user groups. Each group’s membership consists of experts in their respective fields from locations across the globe. Invaluable discussions and powerful relationships are created through introductions in these active groups. My goal is for these groups to grow in size and discussion quality and to eventually produce something that can be shared with the world.

Fashion Asia is an exclusive organization composed of fashion professionals with ties to the Asia Pacific region. Our membership consists of more than 10,000 professionals worldwide from a variety of industries (IT, real estate, legal, public relations, global trade, marketing, operations, logistics, and supply chain).
Our organization shares best practices, country specific market advice, and fashion business strategies. Our discussions cover just about anything related to doing business in the fashion industry in Asia. Our membership consists of fashion professionals from countries throughout the Asia Pacific region with most of our members working and residing in Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Fashion Asia also welcomes members outside of Asia that have an interest to enter the Asia Pacific region.

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Global Traders is composed of professionals involved in international trade, sourcing, and buying. Members consist of international brokers, export/import agents,  & export/import merchants as well as companies looking to move their product(s). Find the answer you seek in our friendly discussions.

Global Traders membership is very international with heavy membership from areas of Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. Our goal is to help professionals in international trade to get answers to their questions from experienced professionals, as well as, make connections that will lead to business opportunities.

Our group’s strength comes from its experienced and helpful members as well as the invaluable discussions that take place in the Global Traders discussion boards.

Product owners from around the world can post their interest to sell their products in a given country and can expect trading experts to contact them. Merchants and agents can make connections with each other, as well as, professionals that have connections to distribution channels. The opportunities are endless! Join now to partake in the active discussions and start making connections!

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