I founded and maintain two Linkedin user groups. Each group’s membership consists of experts in their respective fields from countries around the world. In 2009, I created the Fashion Asia group to unite great minds to have great discussions on various topics related to the fashion industry, Asia, and GTM strategies. I have grown the Fashion Asia group to more than 10,000 members worldwide. Invaluable discussions and powerful relationships are created through introductions in these active user groups. My goal is for these groups to grow in size and quality of membership/discussions, and to eventually, produce something that can be shared with the world.

Fashion Asia – Global Networking Group

Fashion Asia is an exclusive organization made up of professionals in the fashion industry. Fashion Asia is the first group to be created on Linkedin with a focus on fashion professionals working in the Asia Pacific region. Fashion Asia limits membership to individuals that are fashion industry professionals (Apparel, Luxury Goods, Jewelry, and Cosmetics, etc.), and in some way, connected to Asia. Fashion Asia’s main objective is to facilitate networking between members in the fashion industry in Asia.

Fashion Asia members share market entry advice, best practices, techniques and strategies, and just about anything related to doing business in the fashion industry in Asian markets. The Fashion Asia group consists of professionals from countries throughout the Asia Pacific region with most of its members based in Japan, Singapore, China, Korea, and Hong Kong. Fashion Asia also welcomes members outside of Asia (e.g. US, Middle East, and Europe) that have an interest in Asia or wish to enter the Asian market.

Global Trade & Supply Chain Professionals

Our Linkedin group is composed of professionals from a variety of industries and experts in supply chain management, tax and customs, trade compliance, risk management, sourcing, and logistics. Members consist of international brokers, export/import agents, freight forwarders, supply chain management professionals, merchants, manufacturers, and product owners. Build the relationships you need, and find support navigating the complex world of global trade in our friendly online community of trade professionals.

Our members span across the globe, with large numbers coming from Asia, the US, and Europe. Our goal is to build a global community of professionals tied to international trade from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Our group’s mission is to support our members with an ever-growing user base of global trade professionals, which can support each other, to navigate the complicated world of global trade through industry and vendor / client relationships.

Our group’s strength comes from its experienced and eager to help members, and their industry connections, as well as, the invaluable discussions that take place on our Linkedin group’s discussion board.

Product owners from around the world can post their interest to sell their products in a given country and can expect experts to contact them. Retailers and manufacturers can find professionals to support them navigate the complex world of global trade through trade automation software (e.g. SAP, Oracle, AmberRoad, and Thomson Reuters). Merchants and agents can make connections with other merchants and agents, as well as, professionals that have connections to distribution channels and other country-specific contacts.

The opportunities are endless! If you work in global trade roles, we would love to have you join our ever-growing global community! Join now and we look forward to seeing you on our discussion board!