(Last Update: 4/4/2012)

IT Projects

A short list of IT projects

  • Retail store flagship projects – Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong (Abercrombie and Fitch flagship stores)
  • Retail store outlet/mall store IT projects – China, Hong Kong, South Korea, France, UK (Hollister Co stores)
  • IT infrastructure – office relocation
  • E-commerce website creation/integration
  • Retail store IT infrastructure setup (ranging in scale/size from boutique stores with 2-3 registers to stores with more than 20 registers)
  • Retail store IT POS system integration and setup using Retail Pro
  • Office IT infrastructure setup – domain, file server, Exchange server, firewall, network switches, and wireless and wired routers
  • Office IT infrastructure setup – domain, file server, Exchange server, rack design and layout, network cabling, end-user PC setup
  • IT infrastructure – small 5 person office IT setup – servers, security implementation, and end-user laptop/desktops


A short list of consulting/advisory projects

  • Firewall implementation to connect 2 offices
  • Firewall implementation to connect 3 offices with a central domain controller
  • Consulting – market entry support, product analysis, advisory services.
  • Security consulting – data protection, encryption deployments, threat assessments, vulnerability assessments, and security audits
  • Windows server implementation, security implementation, exchange server
  • Server room maintenance and upgrade recommendation / firewall consultation
  • Internet and network load analysis for a 100+ person office
  • Security implementation using WatchGuard firewalls to connect multiple offices and configuration of a firewall domain trusts between multiple domains.