You should have heard about Dropbox by now. It’s a free cloud storage service. They give you 2GB of free online storage space to start your account. If you refer people, you get additional storage space added to your account. Here is how it works:

You install the application on your MAC/PC. The installer will ask you to enter your username and password and then create a folder on your computer called Dropbox. Done! Now anything you drop in the Dropbox will be synced to Dropbox’s servers in the cloud. Then any other computer you install Dropbox on, will sync with all the other computers. So basically you can throw away your USB disk as you won’t need it anymore, you will have all your files easily accessible via the Dropbox folders on your computers and even via their cool Dropbox iPhone app. The iPhone app will allow you to save email attachments from your iPhone and throw them in your Dropbox to be accessed later. All of this for free.

To sign up for an account, go here:

Now using Dropbox to store and retrieve your files from all your computers and smartphones is what it was designed to do. However, if you think outside the box, you will come up with some very cool and amazing hacks for Dropbox. Check out this article on 15 ways to hack your Dropbox account to do more than just save and retrieve files.

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