Awards & Certifications


Fast Retailing
Global Organizational Development Award 2015

Nichiai KK
Nichiai Award 2008
Best Customer Service 2008
Best Innovation & Company Improvement 2008
Best Innovation & Company Improvement 2007

Wells Fargo & Co
Wells Fargo & Co. Certificate in Securities
Home Equity Loan & Lines of Credit Certification
Qualified Personal Banker of Certificates of Deposit
Home Equity Mastery Workshop – Certificate of Completion

Apple Inc
Apple Product Professional Level – Apple Learn and Earn Program
Gold Level – Apple Learn and Earn Program



California State University, Fullerton
California State University, Fullerton – Dean’s list (6 semesters throughout 1999-2004)
Graduated with honors (cum laude)
Golden Key International Honour Society – Lifetime Member – 2004

Nihongo Noryoku Shiken / 日本語能力試験
(Japanese Language Proficiency Test – JLPT)
Passed Level 3 (3級)


Japanese Class 2 Boat License
A Class 2 license allows the skipper of a vessel of up to twenty tons to sail up to but not exceeding five nautical miles offshore