A great read for any startup business leader wondering when they should start investing in their company’s IT organization. As the article rightfully points out, the most crucial piece is timing. When to hire the IT leader, when to start investing in enterprise systems, and what IT systems to use in-between, are all very important questions to answer.

Equally important, is deciding who will lead your IT organization during this next stage of rapid growth. What kind of IT leader should you be looking for at this stage of your company’s growth?

The below excerpt from the article sums it up quite nicely…

“As these demands would suggest, a successful technology leader at an adolescent company will be both visionary and hands-on. They must describe and chart a path to the future state but have a detailed enough knowledge of the business and technology to adjust quickly. Communication is critical here. The leader needs to help their business partners understand the direction but also the trade-offs being made, especially in terms of future costs being incurred.”

Read the full article here: https://nationalcioreview.com/business/when-to-introduce-it-to-a-growing-startup/

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