Yep, Japan has done it again! And this time it has come out with a new vending machine that is very high tech! It looks more like a large TV on the front of a refrigerator rather than a vending machine. On the display are the different drinks it dispenses, you walk up to the unit, tap on the drink you would like, insert your money and out comes your drink. Okay, that sounds cool, but how is that high tech?

Well, glad you asked! There is a built-in camera at the top of the screen, and this camera scans your face without you knowing it and then guesses your gender, age, and suggests a drink that would suit you. That’s right, if a young male walks up to the machine wearing his basketball shorts and t-shirt with his Adidas gym bag, it may just recommend a bottle of Pocari Sweat. How is that for marketing!

Also, the device stores the data of who buys what, and guess how much they charge Suntory and Asahi for this data…hmm? Imagine what you can do with all that data collected?

This device is located in Shinagawa station for the time being. If you pass through this station you will definitely want to give it a look.

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