Well, I have finally gotten around to setting up my redesigned jbellendir.com website. It has been a while and this site was designed about 5 years ago so the style of it was a little outdated. I decided to go with a CMS system to help with the management of the site. I will be posting more and more information here. I hope to get my publications up soon as well as add my tutorial documents to the Tutorial section. I will use my blog to update you all with news and information pertaining to my current work and projects I am involved with.

I also recently registered and enrolled in the JMEC (Japan Market Expansion Competition) which is a good 6 month program that goes through a series of seminars and then each individual is assigned to a group and puts together a business plan for companies here in Japan that are looking to enter the Japanese market or improve on their current service offering or product. The winner of the competition receives a prize, however, the true value is what you learn from the experience. I imagine my life will be fairly busy over the next 6 months with the current projects I am handling, my department and staff, and the JMEC contest. What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. It has been a long night getting this website together and now I must retire for the night….a long day ahead tomorrow.

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