Back in the summer of 2005, I created a simple online directory of restaurants, bars, and sightseeing destinations. The purpose of this online directory, was to document my favorite places in Japan, hence it was decided to purchase the domain name The website also served as a tool to share my favorite and recommended places with family and friends that were visiting Japan.

As my travels began taking me to other locations in Asia, my site grew to include these non Japanese locations, which resulted in creating new instances of the online directory. Quickly came new sites, such as,,, and others. It didn’t make sense to continue creating separate instances of the database and site, so I decided to migrate all data to a single website with the backend built on Drupal. That website later became known as

At this point in time, I decided to make it a public site that anyone could access and add content of their own. It quickly became a community of world travelers that had a passion in sharing and reviewing places they had visited. In the early days, most of the content and users were from Japan and other Asian countries, but quickly, the user base expanded and we started seeing users and content from all over the world.

Over the years, the site has grown to include all countries and offer users with advanced site functionality. Based on user requests over the years, I have added quite a bit of features to the site. A YoNinja user can now submit their own listings for any country and type, share their listings with others, create travel lists and favorite lists, and much more.

I created this site out of my passion for traveling and sharing those experiences with others around the world. I hope you come across my site at some point in time and find it useful in navigating the world.

When you have time, give it a look by going here:

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