If you’re like me, then you love learning and keeping yourself challenged. I love what Khan is doing! Such a great way to give back. He is on an ambitious mission. FREE education for ALL. I was actually asked a while ago to create a video testimonial for the Khan Academy site, but I simply have not found time to get around to it. So instead, I am promoting their website on my blog.

All that is needed is access to a computer and the internet. He is now partnering up with the SAT college board to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to study and prepare for the SATs. Check out more here: http://ow.ly/uhbqE. Education should be something that everyone has access to, no matter how much money one has.

Google and other companies are doing an amazing job of getting free education out there. For free college classes online from universities like Yale, USC, UC Irvine, University of London, etc, check out coursera.org. They also have an iPad app that has all the course videos available on the go, as well as, the exams and course work. Take a Yale University class for FREE…how about that!

Here are a few others on my list to check out:





Happy Learning!

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