Portfolio of Skill Sets

(Last Update: 4.4.2012)

Sales / Business

Customer Service:
12+ years experience in Customer Service/Sales/Team Work environments.

Management Experience:
8+ years experience in management roles. I have worked in several different management roles throughout the years. Some examples are: managing in-house teams of people (from engineers to sales people), managing one large in-house team, and managing teams of engineers globally from an outside vendor.

Commission Based Sales:
6+ years experience in a Commission based sales job. A base salary was given with a commission system based on sales volume in products/services sold and revenue. Sales included products (such as consumer goods, Mortgage and Home Loans, and Corporate products) and services (IT, Finance, and Consulting). Commissions were based on different elements depending on the job. An example is, as a Personal Banker, I had a sales target of volume of consumer and business accounts sold, and total mortgage and loan amount sold.

Banking Experience:
4+ years banking experience as Banker, Loan Officer, and in Assets Management

3+ years experience with banking software, teller transactions, and bank operational procedures.

Sales Skills:
With several years in the sales industry and taking on sales roles in non sales jobs, I have acquired a wide range of skills and techniques I utilize in sales situations (meetings/discussions/contract signings). I have put together several sales campaigns for sales teams as well as developed marketing ideas to further push and grow sales departments within companies.

Business Procedures/Policies and Implementations:
While working for large corporations, I was able to learn how things need to be done in order to ensure business processes flow effortlessly and efficiently. With my experience working for Disneyland, Apple Computer, and Wells Fargo Bank, I was able to learn best practices and how to implement those practices and drive change management.

I have been able to use this knowledge and implement my own processes and procedures at the other smaller companies I have worked at. I have implemented HR procedures, such as, employee review procedures, employee hire/leave procedures and forms. I have also created employee programs, such as an internship program. At Nichiai, I designed the internship program and created all the necessary documents, review processes, and the training program. 

Consulting / Other

Sole Proprietor Experience:
I have started 3 successful companies. The companies I started include, a web design company, a hosting company, and a IT professional services company. If you wish to find out more information, please email me.

Consulting work:
10+ years consulting experience. I started doing consulting work at a very young age, 17 in fact. At age 17, I would consult small businesses and create marketing materials (ads, logos, business cards, etc.) and their profile on the internet. Most of my consulting is in the area of IT and business operations. 

IT / Technical

Software Programming Languages:
C/C++, COBOL, CSS, HTML, Java, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, Pascal, Perl/CGI, Visual Basic.

Math Skills:
Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics

MySQL, Powerbuilder, Sysbase, MSSQL, FileMaker, Access

Operating System [End-User Experience]:
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8. MAC OS 7, 9, X (10.0-10.7). Linux – Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Solaris, and Redhat

Mobile Operating Systems:
iOS (Apple), Android (Google)

Server Operating System (Management/Administration/Building):
Windows Server – NT/2000/2003/2008, Linux RedHat (4/5), CentOs (4/5), Debian (40rX), Ubuntu (5.10-7.10), Mandriva (2006,2007,2008), Sun Microsystems – Solaris 8,9,10, Mac – OS 10

Server Software (Setup/Config/Admin)
Windows: File Server, MSFT Exchange, FTP, AD, DNS, DHCP, Print Server, Web(IIS w/ ASP & WAMP)
Linux: Samba(File Server), Email Server, Ftp, Web(LAMP & SAMP)
Mac: File Server, User Directory Services, Print Server, DNS, DHCP

Virtual Machine Technology:
VMware ESX/i, VMware Server, VMware Workstation, Microsoft Windows Virtual PC 2007/2004

Remote Administration Software:
TeamViewer, Dameware, RealVNC, UltraVNC

Security & Networks:
LAN Cabling and Layout/Testing.
Cisco/Sonicwall/Watchguard Firewall Device Setup and Config.
Security Auditor (Vulnerability testing)

Software Applications:
Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Software Suites, Lotus Domino Server/Notes, .NET, Drupal, WordPress