Yep, we officially have opened our doors today, December 15th 2009 with the first Asian flagship. The location is right in the middle of Ginza on the famous Chuo-doori (street) right next to the Ferragamo flagship store and the Japanese department store, Matsuzakaya.

The line stretched down from the store to Shimbashi station several blocks and around the corner before the doors opened at 11 am. The store is 11 floors of shopping with an 11-floor mural that runs along the interior wall for a beautiful backdrop. The stairs are lit from beneath, adding an impressive view that should be experienced first hand.

It’s something to definitely see and nothing that you have seen in Japan! It’s a beautiful store with beautiful people! It’s one of the only places I have seen in Japan, where you can see Japanese speaking together in English, as well as a very diverse workforce composed of many non-Japanese and Japanese of mixed backgrounds, from countries in Europe, the Americas, and Africa. It’s definitely a mixed environment with people from all types of backgrounds, but that are born and raised in Japan! A&F being the all American brand that it is, is again showing what America is all about, equality and diversity all working in harmony! It’s impressive, to say the least! And we all know smiles are contagious, so if you don’t leave with a smile on your face, I would be surprised.

I hope you will all get a chance to see this beautiful store and partake in the shopping experience, an Abercrombie flagship experience is something you will definitely enjoy and something that should not be missed!

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