That’s right! One of the fastest growing Linkedin groups focused on Fashion and Asia, has reached more than 1000 members worldwide. Due to the demand, I have created It’s a very basic website, which I hope can represent the organization outside of Linkedin. Fashion Asia consists of members from more than 28 countries across the globe, so you will more than likely find members in your area or events being held in your country soon!

If you are a fashion professional and currently working in Asia, have worked in Asia, or have an interest to work in Asia, I recommend you to apply for membership. You can apply to the group on LinkedIn at this URL:

To read more about our group, check out, and feel free to apply through our “contact us” form.

You will be able to find other professionals with similar interests, communicate and interact through our discussion board with other members, as well as ask questions and find the answers to those questions. You can also network with other fashion professionals from different countries around the world. Fashion Asia is the place to meet professionals and get business done! I look forward to seeing you all there!

– Josh Bellendir

Fashion Asia, Founder

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