How to Disable the Shutter Sound on your Japanese iPhone

A bit of background: If you own a Japanese iPhone, you probably know that you are unable to disable the shutter sound. This can be quite annoying for those that wish to take a photo without causing noise and disturbing others. There are several valid reasons for not wanting the shutter sound to play. 

To name a few: taking photos of your friends or food when out at a restaurant. Hearing that shutter sound draws unwanted attention from other guests and can be disturbing to them. You may want to take a photo of the whiteboard in a classroom without making noise and disturbing your fellow students. You may want to take a screenshot on your phone without making your colleagues think that you are taking a photo of them for some strange reason.

How to Purchase from Amazon Japan ( in English

Since the holiday season is upon us, I thought I would write up this quick tutorial on how to use Amazon Japan ( in English. In past years, my family would buy gifts for the holidays and then pay ridiculous amounts of money to ship them from the US to Japan (not to mention I would sometimes have to pay duty on these items). An easier way to go about things, is to simply purchase items from online retailers in Japan and have them shipped locally. The problem is language. My family, like many others, cannot read Japanese, so it makes it very difficult. Well, Amazon, who stocks pretty much everything, is here to save you the hassle.

Computer Wakes from Sleep by Itself (randomly) - How to Fix

I have recently come across a new issue where my computer wakes from sleep mode on its own. Basically, I will put the computer to sleep around 10pm and when checking in the morning, the computer is already powered on.

I researched this issue online but could not come across anything that was all to helpful. After looking around the Window's log files amongst other things, I finally found the culprit being the Windows Media Center scheduled task item mcupdate_scheduled. You can see this task by launching the task scheduler and navigating to Microsoft -> Windows -> Media Center -> mcupdate_scheduled

How to Create an Emotional Connection With Remote Employees

Over the years, working in management roles in global companies, I've come to learn a few things about managing remote employees. Specifically, how to best motivate remote employees and how to keep them engaged and part of the global organization. Read more »

Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works

One of the books on my recommended reading list is "Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works" by Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley. It's a very interesting read and I highly recommend it. Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley talk through their experiences at P&G and explain what strategy is for (winning) and what's it's about (choice). If you are interested in how to implement the Playing to Win framework in your organization, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book.  Read more »

My Recommended Reading List

Below is a list of books I highly recommend reading! I have found them all to be well worth the investment of time and money. They are filled with invaluable business advice and life lessons. I always keep them on my Kindle, at the ready, for when time allows to re-read them.

They have greatly helped me over the years, while working in various roles and in various capacities. I hope they can help you too!

I have also listed some of my favorite magazine publications. If you are in a country where it's difficult to get a copy of these, try out an app called Flipbook, and search for these magazine titles. Some of these publications release their articles through this platform from time to time.

Business: Read more »

jQuery Vector Maps

I've been playing around with jQuery a bit lately, and I thought it would be cool to create a world map to visually show which countries I have been to. I came across jQuery Vector Maps ( It's well documented and very easy to configure to your liking. With a few lines of code and using their stock World Map, I was able to create a visual map showing all the countries I have visited. See if in action here:


Drupal "Broken Links" Module - How to Fix Permission Restrictions Deny you Access Issue - SOLVED

For those of you with multilingual Drupal sites using the Link Checker module to identify broken links on your site, you may come across this issue where you have nodes showing up in the broken links page with only a message of:

"Permission restrictions deny you access to this broken link."

Duck Duck Go Search Engine (your new alternative to

Recently,,, and other major search engines have started removing certain websites they deem inappropriate from their search results...essentially filtering the web according to what they feel you should or shouldn't be looking at. I have a problem with this, seeing that most people assume these search engines are indexing the web and what they are displaying is a representation of what is on the web, hence if you don't find it there, you think it probably does not exist. Read more »

Lesson Learned - Google Code is not Always Perfect

Last week I learned a new lesson in life...Google code is NOT always perfect. If I had let that thought enter my head, I would have saved myself a few hours. So what happened? Well, I was playing around on one of my hobby websites, performing some updates and upon completing the updates, I noticed all my html tables where breaking the layout of my site. Uh-oh! What did I do? After several hours of trying to roll back updates, examine code, etc, I realized it wasn't anything I did at all! Google's Chrome update was the one to blame. Read more »

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