An informative article by John Edwards on rebuilding IT organizations. It’s a great read for IT executives, managers, and staff alike. Whether it’s rebuilding, transforming, or optimizing an IT organization (or team), all of these tactics can be utilized.

Having used many of these myself, I can attest to their effectiveness and necessity. From my own experiences, I would also like to share, that as a leader, with any major change initiative, the most important thing one can do, is to connect, listen, and observe.

Ask a lot of questions and speak to all levels of the organization. Put yourself in your customers/end-users, business partners (and their staff), and team member’s shoes, and view things from their perspective. You will be amazed at what this helps you to see and understand. From that vantage point, it’s much easier to see the problems, identify the solutions, and make informed decisions.

You can read the full article here::

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