Do you have a methodical innovator at the helm of your digital transformation effort?

In a fantastic article written by Sri Manchala, Sri explains why methodical innovators succeed in digital transformations.

Why do 84% (according to Forbes) of digital transformation projects fail? There are many reasons, but perhaps ensuring that you have the methodical innovator at the helm, is the recipe for success.

At the early stages of your digital transformation journey, it’s critical to have the right leadership, team (think skills and resource availability), and alignment across the business (at all levels – executives and front-line employees).

So how do we identify the methodical innovator? As Sri outlines in his article (and in his book), the methodical innovator must possess these 4 essential traits:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Prioritization and Planning
  • Organization and Execution
  • Character

Learn more about this concept and Sri’s recommendations by reading the full article here. Alternatively, check out his book covering this topic here.

Speaking of great books, I’m a big fan of “The Ideal Team Player” by Peter Lencioni. I regularly refer to the framework in his book and have used it in coaching/training workshops with my teams and global organizations. I highly recommend this book to any business leader looking to build high-performing teams.

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