If you haven’t heard of iheartradio by now, I want to make sure you have! This is a really cool iPhone app, it’s free, AND it works anywhere in the world. A lot of radio programs block use outside of the US, so for people like us living and working aboard, we are a bit out of luck…well, not with this app.

You can load up the app, search for REAL LIVE radio stations from back home in the US and listen to those radio stations through your iPhone and over the 3G network. So remember all those radio stations you listened to prior to leaving home, well you can search and if they have them (they have A LOT) you can add them to your favorites and start listening. They also have a cool new feature where you can just add an artist name and it will start playing music by that artist and similar sounding artists! Cool right!?!?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get this app today. Also when you are in front of your computer and want to keep enjoying the tunes but don’t want to use your iPhone, hop on over to iheartradio.com.


*** Update – there are some limitations now depending on where you use this in the world. It seems if you have a US-based Facebook account, and you log in, it will still allow you to use it though ***

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