My web hosting company partnered up with CloudFlare making it really easy to implement on my servers. I decided to give it a try on a few of my websites and then I will implement it on my bigger sites that get more traffic.

I found this online review of the product and it looks very promising! CloudFlare requires you to make DNS changes so that traffic can go through their servers spread across the world and help to filter your traffic. In theory, it will filter all the bad traffic and let only the good traffic through.

Also, the thing I like about it is it caches your images and CSS in its servers around the world, which will give your users faster load times and better overall surfing experience. For me, this is an awesome improvement. Since most of my sites are just basic ones that don’t generate any kind of revenue, I invest the minimal amount of money to host them, which means I am on a shared server located out of someplace in the middle of the US. But with CloudFlare it should give the user experience as if they were on a Google or site that is dispersed around the world with multiple servers serving up images and files from servers closest to them. So this is the main reason I am giving this service a try, plus it’s……FREE!

Read this online review here:

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