iShutdown is a great app for a small fee. I searched the app store for a free solution but came up with nothing. I have emailed the owner of this app a few times and he is actively working on this app and working out the kinks. Having said that, there is not many. He recently released the beta version of his server software which now can be run as a Windows service. I had been using his old application and had set it up to automatically run when windows loaded via the Windows task scheduler. However, now with the new beta version, I can just run it natively as a Windows service.

Everything on the iPhone app works except for the WOL over 3G. It works over WIFI but that’s not really what I need it for. So, for the time being, I am using the iWake app to turn on my machine and the iShutdown app to turn it off. I’ve emailed the developer a few times and he says the new version of his app will allow you to manually input your Mac address so this should fix the WOL over 3g. He’s just waiting for Apple to approve it and then the update should be available and this will be a 100% working app. I can’t wait!

I believe it’s only 2-3 USD in the app store, so if you are looking for a cool app to help you turn on and off your PC remotely, this app will do the trick!

*** Update: hold off on the beta server service version. It doesn’t appear to be working. Stick with the standard app ***

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